Give a Flight, give a dream

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I Love Flying and Be The PilotSurely you’ve wondered what are the first steps to choose and give a flight, we’ll tell you (for more complete information we recommend reading our Terms of Sale):

  1. Select the flight time:
    1. 45 minutes. Ideal for flight ‘up and down’ and feel the sensation of flying with an airplane lighter than the commercials. For people who want to enjoy flying around Montserrat or flying over the beach.
    2. 1 hour or more. For aviation enthusiasts where you can make more intense tours enjoying diverse landscapes. We can propose a route or you can choose your own choice.
    3. Pilot for a Day program for people who want to receive an introduction to pilot training. It consists of one hour of training on land and another hour of flight instructor. In all activities you are allowed to drive the passenger sitting in front except during take-off and approach.
  2. Date and Time:
    1. If you know the exact date of the gift, please call us a we’ll book the flight.
    2. If you do not know, using the flight voucher any person can call for booking.
  3. For confirm the booking you must pay a 20% when contracting and the rest when you want (before the flight or the day of the flight). We will send you by email a voucher with the name of the person you choose.