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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the day and time of flight?
You can call our phone +34 668 886 668 or email before booking the flight and we’ll confirm you the date and time of flight.

What happends if the flight day the weather is bad?

This should not worry because if we consider that the time is not right for a flight we will cancel at no cost to you. Of course we will inform you and agree a new date and time.

Are there any limitations or everyone can enjoy these flights?

We own airlines passenger limitations: do not allow pregnant women (from 3 months pregnant), children unaccompanied by adults or people who have serious health problems. There is a weight limitation, in the case of flights with 3 people and weights over 80 kg please contact us. When in doubt we recommend you ask us like when a person with mobility problems.

How do I can displace to Sabadell Airport?

The most practical way is by private car, free parking. You can also get there by taxi from the train station Sabadell Sur (about 4 Km). There is no public transport. For tourists living in Barcelona we can offer transport between Barcelona and Sabadell with 9 seats minivan that can pick up at your hotel (at additional cost).

Is it a risky activity?

Absolutely not. It’s like a commercial flight only flying lower and the aircraft can charge a little more turbulence. No risky and acrobatic maneuvers are made. In the event that the weather does not the ¬†flight is canceled.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing suitable temperature. When flying low, temperature plane will be similar to earth: hot in summer and cold in winter.

Can I take pictures or movies?

Of course, although you can only use this maeterial for personal use and not for professional use. If you’re a professional image, please call us and we can arrange the appropriate permissions.

What services are available in the airport?

Free parking, passenger terminal with toilets and bar restaurant. You must bring your passport or ID card to enter in the reserved area of the airport.